Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bathtime Belly Laughs

The other day Kai was taking a bath and I walked out for a second to throw away his diaper. All of the sudden I heard him cracking up with his cute belly laugh. I snuck back in and found that he had taught himself to blow bubbles...and he thought it was hilarious! Here is a little I caught on tape. He was still figuring it out so would sometimes stick he head in the water while he was still laughing and get some water...but I love that he is not scared at all...I think he is ready for some swimming lessons!


Kari Patterson said...

Ok that is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Kai is hilarious. I can't wait for him and Dutch to play tomorrow! :-)

Pink or Blue Booties said...

That is way too cute!!! He has the best little giggle I sat here and giggled along with it and had to show it to Kyle as well! He seems to be turning into an amazing funny little man, and fearless too!!!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

That's funny! I wish Maya was that brave. She hates getting her hair washed in the tub because of the water running down over her face. Hopefully she will end up like Kai though - not afraid of the water. I can't imagine our kids being scared of water though because we are such fishes ourselves.