Monday, July 7, 2008

Congrats Erin & Erik!

This weekend I had the honor of being in my wonderful friend, Erin’s wedding. Erin is a dear friend who has been so constant over the years. We have roomed, road tripped, laughed, cried, talked, listened and prayed together. She is the girl who would do anything for her friends and I am so very thankful for her. God has created the perfect husband for her in Erik and, although I have always been a protective friend, I approved right away. They have so much fun together yet balance each other so well. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Gillam...may God bless you as you begin the adventure that is marriage!
I think that I have probably anticipated Erin’s wedding more than my own, as far as the wedding day goes, as we had many conversations about ideas and dreams in our single days. And, as expected, it was a beautiful wedding down to every last detail...different enough to be unique yet totally classy and perfectly them.
The happy couple preparing for the big day!

Isn't she a gorgeous bride

I loved these centerpieces...aren't they amazing!
What a fun cake!
The 7 bridesmaids all had these adorable bright green dresses mixed up in three different I am with my dear friend Miriam who came from Boston.
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day...I love you guys!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

I love the cake and center-pieces. Makes me wish we had had a nice big wedding - or a "wedding" at all;) Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Melissa said...

Friend, you look amazing!

Heather Mauel said...

Random! I was reading Kari's blog and clicked over to yours, something you said caught my attention. Anyway...I saw this picture of Eric Gillam, who I have known for YEARS. He actually went to high school with my little sister and he went to Young Life in John Day when my husband and I started it there. I see the man that started YL with us in the background of one of the pictures. WOW! What a HUGE blessing to see that he married a Christian woman, what an amazing blessing. Small world. Where are they living?