Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking the Plunge

We have a friend whose parents have a pool and they kindly have us over. We have spent quite a few Sunday afternoons hanging out there. It is so wonderful to relax with friends and cool off and they have a great yard for Kai to run around in. He loves to be in the water and splashes all about. They also have a cute little dog that Kai typically loves but was a little startled when he barked yesterday. I thought it was a funny picture and had to post it.
On another note I took the plunge and chopped off my hair. I am still getting used to it but am glad to have it short feels more "me" my husband loves it and that is all that matters:)
I think this is a funny picture of me with my mouth wide open but I also enjoy the fact that it looks like my sweet son is trying to take me out...always the boy!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Love your new do! Looks really good on you! By the way, Declan takes me out all the time:)

Melissa said...

Look at your cute shades! They fit your face so well! ;) Actually, I think they look pretty darn long as Tyson still thinks you're hot!

Bill & Tracey Wertz said...

Hey great hair...thanks for reading our blogs while we were was really fun. We sure miss you guys.
Love ya