Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One Nap, Two Nap

We are trying to transition from two naps to one nap. This is not my favorite idea since those hours a day he is napping are the hours I use to get my hours in for work...but, he seemed to be telling us he didn't need both. Today as he was finishing up his lunch I was going through mail and I had my back turned. When I turned around this is what I found...this is probably normal for some but for my son this is a first--so I had to document it. I remember my little brother falling asleep at the table all the time but not this boy...he never wants to miss out on anything so if he is not in his crib he is awake. Perhaps tomorrow we will let him try two naps again...or maybe an earlier lunch:)


Melissa said...

Can we focus in for a moment on the pinky finger up on the table. So funny, I love this sweet guy! (and sometimes he loves me best) :)

Kristen said...

Hahahaha! How cute! I remember transitioning Belle and it would be 2 naps one day and one the next and I was never quite sure how many she would need.

Taryn said...

This is precious...I know, the pinky cracks me up. It's about time I get down there to see ya'll.