Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Kai is growing and changing so quickly. I realized we have not kept track of his growth since he no longer has regular doctor checkups. But, this last week we took him to the doctor for his first case of jungle fungus. Okay, not really. He just had a little rash on this head that I am pretty sure is from 4 thousand people touching his head and face the last Sunday. He also had a goopy eye which we were told was from swimming in a public pool. Lovely. We were given medicine and it is much better now. But, while we were at the doctor we got an update on Kai's measurements so here they are (I looked up the percentanges online so they were very vauge):
37.7 inches 75-90%
30 lbs 14oz 50-75%
In other milestones he can count to 10 in English & Spanish, sings and remembers lots of songs, can express his excitement, wants, and frustrations quite well verbally (although he still resorts fits at times). Sometimes he makes up stories about something that didn't actually happen or exaggerates things that did happen. He has a few Bible verses memorized and can at least mostly say them when prompted with a few words. He loves to be read to and can finish the last word or two on any page in most of his books. This month he has mostly wanted to read his Dr. Seuss books so he requests "Two Fish" (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish) or "Two Ham" (Green Eggs & Ham). He can run, jump, karate chop, kick soccer balls, and climb just about anything. He is crazy, fast and active, but he can also be cuddly and loving. We love this kid and are so thankful the Lord has placed him in our arms to care for. It is a joy to watch him grow and learn and change and express himself. It is a challenge to teach and guide him...a challenge that stretches and grows me right along side him so much that I realize that being a parent is as much a tool God uses to pull us closer to Him as it is for us to guide Kai closer to our Lord and I am thankful for that!
We love you Kai!

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