Friday, September 11, 2009

Skinned Knees and Improvising

Kai skins his knees constantly I think...something I just figure is normal for a little boy. He refuses to wear bandaids so he just continues to hit them so they take forever to heal. I asked him last time if he would wear a bandaid if it had Thomas or Cars on it...I tried looking for some but all they had here was Tinker Bell;) So the other night Kai fell again and I asked him if we could put a bandaid on it. His answer was "A Thomas Bandaid...maybe?" So, I improvised and with my terrible artistic skills tried drawing some trains on a bandaid with sharpies. It apparently did the trick because he actually let me put it on. Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately he took it off about 10 minutes later...but hey, it worked for a while:)

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