Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kai keeps me laughing...

"Mom, I thirsty for juice, like Superman."

"Dad, I carry you." (what he really means is Dad, you carry me...but always says it backwards which makes me laugh:)

Rock a baby

What Kai says after every shower---I am thankful he still wants to be wrapped up and rocked even for a minute:)

"I wanna rock a baby in the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will fall...yes?"

Papito, Mamita

"Papito, Papito, quiero elefante."

He got this one from his friend, Jhim and now Kai calls our pastor (Jhim’s dad) Papito.

He has also proceeded to call me Mamita more than Mom over the last 3 days.

I learned from his teachers that:

Kai WILL NOT speak English to them in school…even when they try to get him too.

They also asked him: "Kai, de donde eres?" (Where are you from)…to which Kai responded: "Arequipa."

Kai has been very interested in babies lately. The other day we were out at a church across the river and Kai kept going up to this lady who was holding her baby and putting out his arms saying “quiero bebe”. He really, really wanted to hold that baby and kept giving the mom these “please” eyes for about 5 minutes. And can you believe it, she almost handed him over at one point (and I promptly intervened).

Yesterday he saw a baby and I asked him if he wanted to play with her. He answered: "Yes, we have baby in the States." Apparently we can add that to the list of things to do when we go home...right behind seeing the Blue Angels which is what he normally says when talking about "the States".

I love you

Kai has had the hardest time saying "I love you". I couldn't understand it because he seriously must have heard that phrase more than any other in his life...we tell him a lot! But for some reason he would say it back and it sounded like "A wab blah" or some sort of gibberish like that. Well, he has finally been saying it and pronouncing it well...and the best part is he just randomly looks at me and says it "Mom, (or Mamita) I love you", usually with a squeeze or kiss to follow. Seriously melts my heart. *sigh*


Erin said...

So fun to hear all of the Kai updates! I agree with that baby talk :)

Tammy Williams said...

Both Maya and Declan love doing Rock-a-by-baby after bathtime too. I thought it was our little THING but I guess we are not alone. Sounds like Kai is doing really well with his Spanish. Oh and are you trying to tell us something about a BABY IN THE STATES?? haha...just kiddin'! How much longer before you come home anyway...nine months? Just kidding again!