Thursday, September 24, 2009


Kai's school had a parade to celebrate the first week of Spring! Since he had to have a parent with him...and that parent also had to dress up, Tyson offered to go with him and come up with the costumes. He decided on a boat. So, he and Kai worked for a couple different days constructing their boat and practicing rowing together.
I'm not sure that Tyson gave me permission to post this picture minus shirt...but it is so cute of them I had you have to get the idea of what they were planning:)
Yesterday was the big day and they put on their matching outfits (they were tourists in the boat...seemed fitting). Unfortunately the way the trucks were set up they could not be in their boat but it sat proudly on the top of the truck. Kai didn't seem to disappointed---getting to throw candy at...I mean to people seemed to make up for it:)

And now we have a great cardboard boat to keep Kai entertained for the next week...yipee!
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Megan said...

How adorable!

Levi and Stephanie Teasley said...

Wow, how cute! We love you three and think about you and pray for you all the time! I can't believe how Kai is changing...what a precious boy!

Auntie Vicky said...

Thank you for sharing these prescious stories about your precious son. What an amazing kid God has given you! Tell him his Auntie Vicky loves him too!
Love you guys!