Friday, August 17, 2007

Chewing on Books

This morning I was reading to Kai which I try to do as often as possible. After I was done with the book Kai proceeded to grab onto it and put it to his mouth. My first reaction was to pull it away...we don't chew on books! But then I thought about it. What I am teaching Kai right now is not how to read or even to like reading. What he is learning right now is to love books. And how is he to love books unless he gets to know them...and he does that by putting them in his mouth...just like everything else lately. As I thought about it more I remembered how much I loved books as a child and even now. I would go on adventures and learn about new places all from the comfort of a chair in my home. My hope is that he will gain a love for books that will turn into a love for reading...that will become a love for learning. Thank you Mom for your love of books that you passed down to me. I promise to do the same for Kai.

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