Thursday, August 9, 2007

July Update

July has been a fun summer month. We have kept busy but have enjoyed every minute of it. Every Monday and Tuesday we have spent out at the softball field watching Tyson play. Our church as a team in the city league. It was fun for the guys but the ladies had a great time too. It was fun to relax and visit and watch all the kids play together. Last night was the last game...they played for in the championship game...unfortunately the lost, but they played well and we were proud of Daddy:) Here are some pictures of some of the kids.
McKenna, Kai and Dutch Dutch and Kai were being good friends
This month we also got to see Auntie Taryn and Nana G when they came down to visit for the weekend. We hadn't seen Taryn since the begining of May because she has been in Guatemala so it was great to see her! Here we are going blackberry picking...well, at least trying to...they weren't quite ready yet.

Here is Kai playing with Nana G...he was giving some big smiles and laughs!

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