Saturday, November 1, 2008

Da, da, da, daaa...the Pumpkin!

We had a fun little Halloween party of our own last night. Melissa & Caitlin brought some yummy food over and we cooked it up and hung out together. They also brought Kai a costume the night before. They came across it at Goodwill with tags still on and decided it was a must for the Kai guy. I was just fine on passing on Halloween this year seeing that I don't enjoy it all that much and knew Kai would not know the difference, but mostly because I didn't want to stress about what costume to get him or spend any money on it--especially when he would not know or care anyway. But, I was super excited when they came across this great deal and brought it over for Kai. So, we dressed Kai up in his little pumpkin costume and and every time the doorbell rang he would run to Caitlin or Melissa so that they could take him downstairs to answer the door. He had a great time handing out candy...although, we were probably the slowest house in the neighborhood to get candy from since he would get distracted by their costumes and just stare sometimes. But, all in all he did a great job and I was very grateful for Caitlin and Melissa's help in answering the door a zillion times:) Here are some pictures of our little pumpkin

Handing out candy with Caitlin
Showing us the candy he is eating. He had his first candy yesterday (at least the first I have given him) and thoroughly enjoyed it!

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