Sunday, November 30, 2008

Excited x 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This evening I took a trip to the grocery store with Kai and was reminded of a few things.
  • Kai loves people...I mean loves them. Every single person we passed in the store got a "hi" followed by a "hi, hi, hi, hi, hi". He apparently never gets tired of saying hi, but I'm pretty sure the people got tired of responding:)
  • His vocabulary is growing every day. Almost everything I put in the cart he named-- apples, bananas, cereal, milk, eggs, cheese, grapes, fish (goldfish), crackers...the list goes on but I was impressed.
  • He knows people in his life and associates things and places with them. On the way home from the store he sang a little song "dada, mama, tt, boppa (gramma), ba (pa), wik (vic), mimi (melissa), deek (Jake). Anytime I say we are going to school or church he shouts out "Deek, Deek!". He has a little friend named Jake in his class and he loves him and I hear his name numerous times a day. His first little friend I think:) He also asks TT? and peeks his head into the laptop every time it is out asking to talk to TT (Taryn who is in Spain and we Skype with). Then he proceeds to ask for Gramma & is too funny. Also, there are not many blonds in his life so every time he sees one he shouts out "Mimi"...which is what he calls Melissa (she has blond hair).
  • And I was again reminded of what a little joy our son is. He has this contagious personality and is so excited about everything. Everything he says is exaggerated and excited like it should have 25 exclamation points after it. Tiring, yes, sometimes...but I love his energy and am incredibly thankful for him

Thank you Kai for bringing such joy to not only your daddy and I but to everyone around you. We love you son!

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