Thursday, November 20, 2008

This last Sunday Tyson & I headed to Idaho for a training for Peru with our friends Daniel & Abby. We had three days of training...cross cultural training and a seminar on raising supporters for our ministry. It was a full three days with my mind desperately trying to take everything in. I don't know if I left feeling more prepared or just more aware of how difficult it will be. Well, I don't know that I will process it all right here but all in all it was a great few days. On our way over to Idaho we met up with Tyson's parents and they took Kai home with them for three days so we could focus on our training. A huge blessing to us on many levels but especially knowing he was getting some quality time with Gramma & Pa. Here are a few pictures of him having a grand old time in the hot tub with Pa. I think he must have been getting some swimming lessons because he came home laying on his back in the tub with water up to his cheeks with no hesitation and kicking his legs the correct way. Way to go Pa!

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