Monday, November 3, 2008


I really can't say this enough but I have the greatest friends! I left this weekend being once again reminded of that. Saturday morning I was blessed to hang with Erin. Not only did she bless me by hanging with me, she blessed me by hanging with Kai while Tys and I met with our realtor. Then she helped me clean somethings that helped me feel just a little less overwhelmed about what I had ahead of me in regards to the house. I know you probably didn't realize it E but you blessed me big time!
That afternoon Tyson headed to the Beavs game with some friends. Another huge ticket and some good guy time for Tys! That evening Caitlin and Melissa came over and entertained Kai with popcorn while I cleaned and organized his bedroom (hard to do when he is sleeping or down there with me trying to undo all the putting away I am trying to accomplish). From the looks of the pictures he loved the popcorn and had a super fun time and enjoyed the "popcorn picnic":)

Then Caitlin organized our bedroom closet. It was a disaster and she made it look fabulous! Melis put Kai to bed and help me organize the kitchen to look the most appealing to a buyer. It got us off to a great start and I am happy to say that by midnight (or a little later) Sunday night our house was ready for the market. I still have some work to do in some crammed closets but really everything is looking great. I am amazed by the Lord in so many ways but this weekend I was amazed at how He reached down through friends to love me. Thank you friends for blessing me...again...

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Erin said...

T- You are the best! It was great to see you :) We are up for a Blazers game whenever ya'll are ready. I want to see some pics of the house post organization!! Love you.