Monday, November 26, 2007

O Christmas Tree, Part 1

Yesterday I convinced Tyson it was definitely not too early to get our Christmas tree. We headed out to a little Christmas Tree lot up the road and picked out our perfect tree. It is a sweet little guy and perfect for our living room. We have yet to decorate it (that will be part 2) but it is in the house and is filling our home with the scent of fir. Christmas is in the if only I could find my Christmas music...

Here are some pictures of our "hunt" for the perfect tree.

Kai approved of this one
Tag---You're it! Tyson is marking our tree

Home, sweet fir smelling, home...Tyson got our tree set up just perfectly

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

Cute Pictures! We have an artificial tree but we are hoping to start a tree cutting tradition when the kiddies are old enough to no eat the bristles off the floor...haha. Great picture of Tyson smelling the tree too:)

Congrats to Kai on the big milestone=)