Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Arizona Sunset

I arrived home yesterday evening after a wonderful weekend in Arizona. I left early (4:15am) Friday morning to meet up with two of my closest friends to go celebrate the marriage of our other close friend....what a wonderful start to the weekend...except for that 4:15am part. We arrived in Phoenix in the afternoon, checked into a gorgeous resort and prepared for Miriam's bachelorette party. That evening we headed to Tempe (I think...right by ASU) to PF Changs and then to a great piano bar. The bar was Big Bang and it was so much fun. Great piano players doing cover songs and they even got Miriam on stage...along with the other bachelorettes in the audience.
The next morning we went to a wonderful brunch at Miriam's parents house and then went and got manicures and pedicures...I can't remember the last time I felt so pampered. That evening we went to the rehearsal and dinner. It was great to finally get to see Jeff (Miriam's husband). I had met him once before when they came to Oregon to visit (they live in Boston) but it was very brief. Seeing them together again reminded me of what I thought the first time: He is perfect for Miriam.

I moved in with Miriam when I first moved to McMinnville and boy, did God know what he was doing! I didn't know her at all but we connected right away. We shared a room...the first a last person (except my sister) I shared a room with until I was married. We had so many memories that year with a lot of laughs and a lot of fun! Mir graduated and went to live in different countries...Austria and Mexico. The next year she came back to the states and lived with me again (lucky me!) and two other friends who were in the wedding, Erin and Jeannie. We lived in a house in Lafayette and that was the most fun year as far as roommates go. We did everything together...all four of us. We had so many fun memories that year: making a video when Mir applied for Survivor (she got a call back too...really), sleeping out in the backyard in a kiddie pool, roomie Thursdays at the UB, camping at the Gorge with unexpected trains nearby...just so many laughs, inside jokes, tears and great times. This was also the year that Tyson came into my life. While we sat around hanging out I would spend hours on my email trying to find the perfect words to write to Tyson (that's a whole other story). They supported me and teased me and loved me. It was an amazing year.

Miriam is a proud Lutheran which we for some reason always teased her about...I think it must be because she was so proud of it. She would always say things you could predict like "Yay, bed!" when it was time to go to sleep...and "would you still be my friend if (fill in the blank...with something ridiculous like, turn on the light). She is positive and energetic, honest and loving. She loves the Lord and was such a great example to me that first year I moved up here. I could have easily moved in with someone who said they were a Christian but did not live it. Miriam lived it and I am so thankful God placed me in her apartment. Back to the weekend. Yes, Jeff is perfect for Miriam. He gets her jokes, is sweet to her but can dish her the sarcasm right back, was raised Lutheran as well, so understands her fondness of being so. They make a great couple and that was evident in the few days with them.

The next morning we got up early to go to church...Miriam's dad is a Lutheran pastor and we were able to attend their church...although he was not preaching due to the wedding. After church we went back to the hotel and got ready to head to the church (a different one) to get dressed. Miriam's colors were "Arizona sunset". The maid of honor had a red dress and the bridesmaids had burnt orange.

It was a beautiful ceremony that honored the Lord and reflected Miriam and Jeff. The reception was at the resort were were staying at. It was amazing with wonderful food, drinks and lots of dancing. It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding and witness their love for each other and for the Lord. I felt so pampered and taken care of. Miriam was so well planned that we didn't really do anything but hang out and be in the wedding. It was such a blessing to me to be able to spend the weekend with close friends. Thank you Miriam for letting me be a part of your wedding and for all you did for us this weekend!


Shannon said...

You look beautiful, what great colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! For someone who hates writing, you sure are good at i! :-)