Friday, November 2, 2007

Kai is Seven Months Old!

Kai is seven months old today. I think it goes through my head every month..."I can't believe how fast this is going!" But, it is true. He is growing so fast and changing so quickly. This last month I have began to see just how curious he really is. I have heard people this age "everything" goes in their mouth. Well, I thought everything meant: they sometimes like to put things in their mouth. Boy, was I wrong. Literally anything he can get his hands on goes in his mouth. And lately, he is working hard to get his hands on anything he can. If he is on your lap he is reaching for anything in sight. He has no fear of heights...he'll just try to fling himself off your lap to reach what he wants. So far Kai has been a ridiculously easy baby. He adjusts to almost anything, let's us keep him out late on occasion with out much fuss, and quietly plays by himself on my cubicle floor while I work. This month I have gotten a glimpse of how things may drastically change when he gets mobile. I have a feeling our "easy" baby is going to become a handful. Sometimes I see him looking around thoughtfully, like he is planning all that he will do as soon as he can get his body to do what he wants. He will probably be crawling in the next few weeks. The other day he got himself up on his hands and knees. And lately he will try to pull himself up on anything within reach so I know once he does start crawling it will quickly turn to climbing. Although I know it will be harder on me, I do look forward to Kai being able to explore the world and satisfy some of his curiosity. Remind me later when he is running around that I have prayed that he would be curious and desire to learn:)

Here are a few pictures I took of Kai. Tonight we are going to get our first professional pictures.


R & J said...

Wow! here comes Kai! It is fun to hear what he is doing. CJ is almost 8 months, I can't believe it either!! She isn't interested in crawling-- She likes to take us for walks or on a run! I think by Christmas I might have a walker on my hands. I guess I walked at 9 months and skipped crawling, but I am still surprised!Who knows maybe she will decide to crawl after all!

Hope all is well! Jen

Kari said...

Oh boy! Yes, are in for a busy transition--from angel baby to crazy boy! ;-) The same thing happened with Dutch--now I have a wild animal! :-) But it's fun.
Love you!