Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Park

The Park. Such a simple idea. Kids love parks right? Well, it took my husband to remind me of that. A few weeks ago during their Monday "Daddy Day", Tyson took Kai to the park and told me how much he loved it. It had never crossed my mind that our 6-month-old (now 7) would have any appreciation of the park. That is what I appreciate about Tyson. I get stuck in ruts and he thinks outside of my everyday routine and exposes Kai to new things. This weekend we took a walk as a family down to the park and let Kai swing...he LOVED it! He laughed and laughed. He also went on this little "mushroom" thing that goes round and round and was all smiles. We also sent him down the slide....it was a small slide and I had a hold of him...most of the time:) I think his favorite part was watching the other kids. Kai is delighted by other kids lately. He will watch them very intently and as soon as one pays attention to him he giggles like crazy. Today Kai and I took another trip to the park. After running a few errands we were driving home and were right by it. Kai had been such a good boy I decided to take some time and let him experience the swings again. This time I had our camera with us so I capture his delight on camera.

He was literally laughing and smiling the entire time on the swings.

This is the little mushroom spinny thing. He liked it more when Daddy did it but he still had fun today too.

Ok, his delight is begining to fade at this point due to it being way past nap time. This is his "I am confused if I am happy or tired" face. He was done with the park a couple minutes later:)

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