Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello, Goodbye

I got home Monday evening to a happy baby, clean house and loving husband. It was great to have the weekend with the girls and no responsibility but I was glad to get home to my boys. Kai is not yet crawling but is much more mobile now doing sort of an army crawl to get where he wants. Gramma and Auntie T took great care of Kai and left on Sunday after church. Tyson took over from there. It was so nice not being concerned about him while I was gone. It was easier than I thought once I got out of the house. I did, however, miss Tyson more than I expected. Maybe because at 3:30am this morning he left for Kansas for four days so we had about an hour together last night. Although I am glad to be home with my son I miss my husband and look forward to all being together again.
Last week was difficult for me for some reason. I felt overwhelmed and stressed and it was obvious to Tyson because, well, he gets the brunt of it. I started multiple fights and was an all around brat. Wednesday evening he came home from work, canceled worship practice. called a friend to watch Kai and took me out to dinner. We went to the Bistro Maison, a little French Bistro in town that we had a gift certificate to (or otherwise could not afford). It was an amazing meal, we started with a white truffle fondue with apples, ham, potatoes and bread. It was delicious and could have been a meal in itself...but we didn't' stop there. Our dinners were amazing to and we left quite full. But the best part was just getting to relax and reconnect with my husband. I know I let the busyness of life get to me and I am so grateful he recognizes when we need time and makes it happen. I love you Tys and can't wait for you to get home!


Shannon said...

I'm glad Kai waited on crawling for you. It's so hard when you haven't connected with your hubby for days at a time, I hope this goes by fast. Also, that dinner sounds so great, what a good time for you guys. Love you all-


Anonymous said...

Amen! Don't we have wonderful husbands? We don't show them enough. Let's work harder at blessing them! I love reading your posts. Love you much!