Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mommy's Leaving On A Jet Plane...

That's right. Tomorrow morning I am headed down to Arizona to celebrate my good friend, Miriam's, wedding. Tyson's mom and sister are coming tonight so they can watch Kai while Tyson is working. As I sit here this morning and try to think of "everything" I am trying to remind myself that it doesn't really matter. Kai will be just fine and quite happy without me. Is that what is hard for me? Do I wish he would miss me just a little...yes. But I don't think he will and for that I am glad too. We have tried our best to raise an independent boy. Not independent like he makes his own meals, but independent so that he does not need Mommy and Daddy all the time, that others can step in at times to care for him and it doesn't crush his world. He has had lots of different people watch him and has always done great. And now, the times comes I have to leave him for four days and I know this will be way harder on me than him...and for that I am glad. I only have to worry about my mommy's heart that will miss him and not that he is home crying inconsolably because he wants mommy. I think the reason I am going to miss him so much (other than he is my son and I love him) is that I am pretty sure he will be crawling when I get home Monday and for that I am sad...I don't want to miss that milestone. He has made huge strides in the last few days so I know it it coming soon. He is getting himself places, as awkward as it looks right now. He can get himself onto all fours and then "crawls" backwards, he can get himself from his tummy to a sitting position and he can hold a push up position for quite a while. Right now I am watching him drag himself across the floor in our office to get into some of Tyson's papers. We have a rug down that is sort of shag so he grabs onto it and pulls himself across. Here are some pictures I took of his new "mobility".

The other day he woke up early from his nap crying. He does this sometimes so I just leave him crying and within 10 to 15 minutes he is back to sleep. Not this day...he just kept crying so finally I went to check on him (I don't do this right away because once he sees me he won't go back to sleep). Anyway, this is how I found him...his first time sitting up in his crib. I had to leave the room and go get the camera because I sort of found it funny how pitiful he looked and that made him even more mad...I know, I am a mean mommy:)

Here he is in a crawl position. He was on our bedroom floor while I was getting ready and I looked over and he was holding this position. Then he just kept holding it forever so I had to take a picture.

Here he is in his push up off!

So, I will let you know if my prediction is right and Kai will be crawling when I get back. I know I am going to have a great trip and I know Kai will have a great time with is Auntie and Gramma (and Daddy of course). This is really just a great reminder of not holding on to him too tight. He is the Lord's and not mine and I need to be reminded of that ever so often. I praise God that he has trusted Kai to us to raise. Thank you Lord!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Tracy these are great! What fun to see him at the park. Dutch just kind of stares off when I put him in the swing so not sure what that means . . . ? We try to get him all excited but he'd rather eat the grass. Have fun on your trip--you are right that it'll be harder on you than on him. You're such a good mommy!