Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kai is just in love with Grady. He talked so much about the baby when I was pregnant and was so excited but I wasn't sure how he would actually adjust when the time came. He adores Grady and the biggest issue is that he wants to smother him with kisses all the time. He is really gentle, wants to hold him all the time and is always saying "he's so cute". Having Boppa here has helped with the transistion, I am sure...he doesn't really notice my attention being elsewhere as he would rather play with Boppa anyway. A huge blessing:)

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Anonymous said...

That is wonderful Kai is so thrilled about Grady and that there aren't jealousy issues. I've been anticipating those issues too for Brooklynn when our baby is born. I love that Kai and Grady are BROTHERS - and they'll have that relationship/friendship the rest of their lives. So happy that Tyson's mom is there to be with you all, help, and love on the boys.
Merry Christmas to you guys and hope you're doing well!
Love, Lacey