Thursday, December 30, 2010


Christmas was a wonderful, relaxing day. Kai experienced the joy of Christmas morning and was so excited to finally open presents.

He also experienced the joy of he is after giving Grady his gift.

We had a delicious traditional dinner with most all of the fixings us Americans love. Here is Georganne finding a little suprise that they throw in with the turkey's here in Peru:)

We had our friends Alison, Vince and Wellington over for dinner. After dinner the boys had fun with sparklers. Here in Peru fireworks are a huge part of midnight Christmas eve there are tons of them!

In all it was a wonderful Christmas. My favorite part is that this year Kai really understood that we were celebrating the birth of Christ. He helped us sing songs and listened to the Christmas story. I think it helped that I was just pregnant and Grady is an infant. He is better able to understand the coming of a baby. He has been acting out the Christmas story as well in the last few days. He likes being Mary and "has to get to Bethlehem". Very cute:)

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