Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grady Zane Smith Smith

We didn't know for sure what we would name him when Grady was born. Grady was one of a few names we liked but we were not set on any and we really hadn't thought of a middle name for a boy. We wanted to wait and see what name we felt like fit him. So, we still had our book of baby names out late into the night of his birth. We wanted a name we liked, of course, but we wanted a name with meaning as well. We finally settled on Grady. It means noble. We chose his middle name for it's meaning. Zane means "God is gracious". We have felt the Lord's grace in the past 9 months. He protected Grady when we really weren't sure in those first few months if we would ever get to meet him. We also felt the Lord's grace over and over in difficult circumstances we faced in the months I was pregnant. From tons of travels to losing some of our team to the death of my brother, God has made is presence known and has walked with us through it all. We have felt his grace!
And as for the Smith Smith. Well, when we went in to get his birth certificate we were told we had to give him both mine and Tyson's last name because that is how they do it in Peru. Women don't take their husbands' name here and the children have the names of both their parents. So Grady Zane Smith Smith it is:) (We're hoping we can fix that when we go to the US Embassy in January)
Oh, funny story. When Kai first met Grady we told him Grady's name since we didn't know it ahead of time. We repeated Grady a few times and then Kai said "Gradiator Springs" (Like Radiator Springs from Cars). So, that is how he remembered Grady's name for the first few days of his life...we had to remind him it was like Cars:) He still gets called Gradiator once in a might be a nickname that sticks:)

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