Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grady is... absolute sweetheart. We are all just in love. He has such a great temperment and is really easy going. He likes his pacifier but it is not a necessity...he has also found his fingers...

His favorite place to be is on our chest...he is content for hours in that position.

He is eating well and sleeping pretty well. He gained 4oz his first week and another 5oz his second week so that is wonderful. He does prefer to be held but then again, I prefer to hold him right now. I was much more about getting Kai on a schedule and making sure I didn't hold him so much he had to be held all the time. With Grady I am realizing how quickly he will grow so I am treasuring every minute and not worrying as much about that stuff. He is awake more and more lately and I love looking into his sweet little eyes. I can't wait to see more and more his little personality come out. Another side note about our little Grady. This kid has pooped on me more in the first two weeks of his life then I thought possible. He goes almost every time I take off his's ridiculous!

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Erin said...

Look at those eyes! Seriously adorable. Can't wait to meet you Mr. Smith Smith!!!

p.s. two of my favorite pics ever!