Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finger prick

So we had to get Grady's blood drawn the other day and instead of taking it from his heal they took it from his tiny, itsy bitsy finger. He was tough and didn't cry as much I would have thought...but seriously, the finger? We also had to get him two vaccinations last week and they gave one to him in the arm. That's right, his tiny little arm. AND, we got him circumsised yesterday and they gave him general anesthesia...that was really nerve racking. In the end he has been fine through all of it. Again, I haven't wanted to be the pain in the butt American mom, but in my head I'm thinking there is a reason they take blood from the heal/only give shots in the thighs/only use local anesthesia on infants in the states. So, we just praise the Lord for protecting Grady through everything...He is so faithful!
Grady showing off his bandage from the finger prick...

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