Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning

This year we had Christmas morning at our house as a family of four. It was fun and simple and special. Here are a few highlights.

Stockings (I sewed their stockings this year...that was fun!)
One of my favorite parts of Christmas was Kai getting to give gifts to Daddy and Grady. He was so sweet and had definite ideas. When I asked him what he wanted to get Daddy he said (right away):
"I think we should get him one of those horns on deer, that fall off when they die. Then he can hang them in his office."
So we didn't end up getting Daddy antlers. But, Kai and Grady did get Daddy a new coffee cup....but we wrapped it in a giant box to be tricky:)
Kai, also right away, wanted to get Grady a book. So sweet.
And Grady got Kai a little Matchbox airplane...I love how excited Kai was:)
Kai was excited for legos:)
And Grady finally got his baby blanket (only a year late...made quickly Christmas Eve eve).
The boys other gift was a box of dress up stuff.
Super hero masks made by Mom and Dad

Sword, shield, and armor
And pirate stuff...of course!

And Grady with his firemen's hat...which he loves to put on and quickly take off over and over again.
Special memories with our family:)

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