Saturday, December 31, 2011


Grady Grader-pants. This year has been a year of watching you grow from infant to little person, full of life. You are an absolute joy to us.

You started walking around 10 months. You are now really fast and have us all chasing you around. You are trying to talk (Dada, Mama, Bubba (Kai), and a few others on occasion). You love to make us laugh and it melts my heart. You are silly. You love any piece of clothing you can get your hands put it on your head and walk around like that as long as I'll let you. I cannot fold laundry with you around! You love playing swords with your big brother and love putting hats on and taking them off again. Yet, you refuse to wear hats outside to keep you warm (or socks).
You are a wiggle worm! I thought when you were born maybe you would be my snuggler. I was wrong. Right now all you want is freedom to explore. I'm okay with that...sometimes you lay your head on my shoulder for 3.5 seconds. I treasure those seconds:) You are curious and focused. Boy, are you focused. Once you set your mind to something it is almost impossible to distract you from it. Stubborn, and focused. It is a challenge but I know the Lord can use those qualities in your life. You are also an observer. When in a new setting or large group, you sit back for a bit to take it all in before jumping in.
Also, since I don't keep a baby book (poor 2nd child), I should include some stats from your 1 year check-up.
Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 29.8 inches
Head: 18.3 inches
Right now you love: Balls, cars, food, your big brother, your Daddy(!) and your Mama:)

Pictures below show you and all your little expressions. You make us smile!

Pouty (or contemplative) face

Smiley face

Blank stare face (the is the face he usually does when "observing")

Giggle face

Sweet, twinkle-in-the-eye face

Heck yes (celebration) face

Sad face

Chewy face (this kid is still putting everything in his mouth)

Yelling face (he knows how to get our attention)
Scrunchy, snorty face

Love every one of them:)

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