Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's face it....

I am not going to catch up on my blogging. I keep putting off adding new until I catch up on the old...because I am kind of like that. But, not going to happen. We have had so many changes in our family since here is a quick overview:)

Labor Day weekend we had a visit from our Callie wonderful to see her and enjoy
Rodeo weekend in Ellensburg with her:)
Enjoyed some end
of the summer swimming and fishing with Boppa:)

WE MOVED! to Bellingham where we get to enjoy views like this
And my little super hero gets to play on a porch like this (more on our new home later).
Kai started preschool (below) and loves going to church to learn and play with his friends.

My baby boy turned 10 months, then 11 months and then ONE YEAR (and started waking and talking...more later).

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