Saturday, December 31, 2011


Kai. Where do I start. This year we have watched you become a big brother, leave a country that had become your home, begin life again in the U.S, move yet again, start a new school, begin to learn to read...and a billion other things. And you have done amazing. You are amaze me, son. You make us laugh. All. The. Time. You say the funniest things (that I am committed to write down more). You are this perfect mix of sword-fighting, ball-throwing, crazy energetic boy with this touch of sweet, sensitive, thoughtfulness.
You love to sing. Always have. But not just any songs. You make up songs constantly. And almost always, they are filled with the name of Jesus. There is nothing sweeter. You sing out these songs filled with truths that amaze me. It makes my heart want to burst. In the best possible way.
You are such a good big brother. You love, you adore your little brother. When he started walking, you were so amazed. You kept saying, in a voice filled with awe "I can't believe Grady is walking." Just as amazed as we were that our baby was so big now. You are learning patience as Grady has become mobile and interested in your toys. You use your words and say things like, "Grady, you are frustrating me," when he wrecks your train tracks. Or you quickly find a different toy to give him when he wants yours. Your new favorite game is throwing a toy across the room and then racing Grady for usually win because you trip him. Most of the time you are gentle, but sometimes you forget...we are working on it:)
You are very competitive lately. The other day you were in tears because "Grady beat you" during lunch. Apparently he ate faster then you (not that hard)...who knew every meal would be a competition!
Right now you love: school, friends, swords, pirates, StarWars (even though you have never seen must be a 4-year-old boy thing), Legos, trains, your little brother, your Daddy and your Mama.
A few of my favorite things you say right now:
"Can I may have...."
"I would appreciate it if..."
"Mom, can you help me ___, I just thought you needed another job."
Oh, so many others I can't think of right now...but I am going to write them down more!

Below are a few pictures of your little (HUGE) personality:)

Carrying it "like the African women."

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