Thursday, December 1, 2011


Kai started preschool after we moved to Bellingham. We feel blessed that we found one with an opening that we love! It is a Christian school that also has preschool so he gets the benefits of a school like a library and gym. He loves it...can you see the excitement on his face his first day?
It has been fun for me to go on field trips with his class too. Here is his class at the apple farm/pumpkin patch.
And here he is with some of his friends enjoying the Marine Life Center...touching sea much fun for little boys! Did I mention his class has 10 boys and only 2 girls:)

His school had a Fun Run where they raised money for different activities. I thought it would be more of a fun walk...but no, Kai ran the whole time...8 laps. I was so proud of him!
We are happy with our decision to send him to preschool...he loves it!

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