Monday, December 26, 2011


One of my highlights this Christmas was being able to make some of the presents for our loved ones. Please note that none of these are my original ideas (thank you Pinterest!)...I take no credit for the creativity:)

For our little niece we made a picture puzzle so she could see her loved ones faces in a fun, toddler-friendly way. I found a puzzle at a second hand kids' store and mod-podged cute paper on the front and pictures under the pieces. I left the shapes original because I'm just not that good...too much precision to cover those:)


Grandparents received photo coasters. I found tiles for $.10 each at The Re-Store and printed photos on regular paper, mod-podged, clear-coat, and felt on the bottom. A way to protect your table and show off your grandkids...every grandparents dream.

This is a terrible picture...but a cute project. Sisters received necklace holders this year. Vintage knobs on a strip of wood...I love how they turned out and I love that this was a totally joint effort. I provided the idea and supplies and Tys took care of the construction:)

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Erin said...

Such cute projects! Good work, T! I really love the necklace holder...super cute knobs :)Oh, what did we do before pinterest?!