Monday, December 15, 2008

Arctic Blast 08 Update

Yes, that is the official name of the weather this week--Arctic Blast...really? The news was on all morning covering the closures everywhere, traffic reports, accidents, pictures people have sent in of the snow. It is funny to me how the world stops here when there is snow but I guess we are just not used to it and don't have the equipment to deal with it like places that typically have snow I will keep my mocking to a minimum:)
So, it has officially been a snow day today. Preschool canceled, church office closed and Tyson came home early. It was the perfect day for staying in sweats (wait, I do that anyway), making scones and enjoying a latte. As soon as I began walking up the stairs with Kai this morning he started saying "snow, snow"...before he could see outside. So, I decided to give it another try...he again wasn't diggin it...this was his face most of the time and he refused to move his feet.

But, when Daddy came home this afternoon he tried it again and had more is probably that Daddy is more fun and I am totally okay with that:) He especially liked the eating of the snow...

And we eventually even got some smiles...that's the boy I know:)

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Erin said...

Oh phew! So glad he liked it. His hat is great!!!

Taryn said...

Thats amazing, wowza, that whole being in sweats with your latte and family, oh i miss that. Love you and good to talk to you yesterday!

Tammy Williams said...

Yes a snow day! Jeremy took it off too. I love the socks(?) on Kai's hands. He is a cutie in the snow.

Tracy said...

Yes, socks;) I almost bought him a pair of mittens the other day but when I tried them on him he would not keep them on so I then the snow came out and socks was the best I could do...ha!

Bette Jo & Mack McDonald said...

Dear TRacy & Tyson,
thanks so much for sharing your family and events on your blogg. IT is a great tool to reach those far far away. Will be praying for your family while you are in Peru and hopefully support you also.
Hope that your holidays are especially blessed with God's love and Joy! Hugs & Prayers,
Mack & Bette Jo McDonald