Saturday, December 13, 2008

"I Shot"

Yesterday I had to take Kai in for a quick shot appt at the doctors. This was the last of his normal immunizations that we couldn't get at this last appointment. So we are pulling up to the doctors office and I hear Kai saying quietly to himself in the backseat "owee, owee". Does he recognize this place I thought to myself. After we headed into the exam room he was extra clingy...then when the nurse came into the room the second time holding the pink tub that they always carry the shots in he freaked out. "owee mommy, no"! What?! How does he remember getting a shot, that was months ago? Crazy! I guess he is just now able to verbalize things so much better so we get to know what he is thinking. As we left the doctor he started the "I shot, owee", over and over." Then he started to connect the word "shot" with "nice shot" as in what daddy says when they watch basketball because he started to say "shot, b-ball". It is just so fun to see his little mind work. For the rest of the day I heard "I shot, owee" many times and lots of pointing to his band aide. Bad news kid, we've got a few more of those coming before we leave for Peru....sorry.

*side note*
I have never written the word "owee" before. I wasn't sure how to spell it so I typed it in to google. I came across this article that spelled it this way and as I read I found it a bit ridiculous. Here are a couple blurbs from it:

"The American Psychological Association announced today the results of a six-year study that found a definite correlation between the decreased use of the term "boo-boo" by parents with their children and the increased use of the term "owee" by the same group under similar circumstances."

"We have strong evidence that these parents suffer from an unconscious 'sounds dirty' mindset, which, compounded with their overprotective nature and their inability to recognize their prepubescent children as sexual beings, makes them borderline psychotics."

So we say "owee", not "boo boo"...are that makes us psychotics huh? Interesting. I am happy to say that the article ended this way:

The APA-sponsored study has its critics. Rolf Peterson, Director of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University, vomited, "Not only is this study professionally flawed, both in its concept and execution, it is also one of the worst misuses of corporate funds I've ever seen. To consider linguistically careful parents to be psychologically disturbed is a horrible misuse of psychology and all its stands for."

Ummm, yeah! Thank you. Wow, there are some crazy things on this internet:)


Erin said...

Oh man, that sure makes psychologists look good. Crazy people those psychologists :) Thanks for the laugh T!

Also, can we talk about how smart that kid of yours is for a second?! Way to go Kai! Sorry about the owee, or boo-boo, or whatever you want to call it, hope it feels better soon!

Did you guys get snow? If so, I want to see some pics of Kai in the snow!! Love ya!

Rory and Jen said...

Yikes! I hate taking the girls to get their shots. CJ definately remembers too. It's been weeks since her last one and she keeps saying, "I poked...such a good girl."
Kai is such a cutie! I love that he put those two thoughts together, he's probably thinking my shot wasn't nice at all!