Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We are blessed with wonderful friends and were happy we were able to see some of them during our week up in Washington.
We were able to see the sweet Teasley family while we were in Ellensburg. Levi is a dear friend of Tyson's from high school and we always look forward to seeing he and his wonderful wife, Stephanie when we are home. Here is a picture Kai having fun with their girls Ezri and Eden at the high school gym while the daddies played b-ball.

We were excited to see the Mauss family on our way home. Trevor and Tyson were roommates in college and Tyson is in his element when with Trevor! I love seeing them together and the way they laugh and joke but also have great encouraging conversations. Kai and I love to see Kristen and Belle too so it is good times all around! Kai and Belle have such fun together and played quite the duet on the piano:)

We were also able go to church where another roommate of Tyson's was preaching for the weekend. We were briefly able to see Rory & Jenn and their sweet little girls and felt blessed to hear Rory teach! Then we called Jaime, another roommate of Tyson's, last minute and had lunch with he and his wife on our way out of town!

It was so wonderful to see friends even if only briefly. A bitter-sweet time, sad that we won't see them again for two years, but blessed to have the chance to see them and blessed by who they are and how the love us and those around them! Thank you friends!

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