Monday, December 22, 2008


We arrived in Ellensburg Friday and have been enjoying our time relaxing and hanging out. It was a long drive here with much snow, chaining up and driving slow, but we are so very happy to be here. There has been a terrible amount of snow in McMinnville and Portland since we left so I am glad we left early!
Kai is in heaven here at Gramma & Pa's with tons of room to run and play and rooms to hide in. He is especially happy hanging with his pal, Tess, the most patient dog in the world. I am typically not big on animals, but this dog I love. Kai is either chasing after her, taking her ball or riding her most of the time and she deals with it all with a little wag of the tail. Here are some pictures of Kai enjoying his time so far:

Hanging with Tess
Licking Gramma's frosting bowl
Enjoying a little reading by the fire
Riding the rocking horse

Tyson and I have been enjoying our time too. It is so relaxing here and it is nice not to have a zillion things I should be doing...well, there still are a zillion things I should be doing but they are at home so I can't do them...and it feels great. I even took a nap yesterday...yay! Today I am working on a cape for Kai...I have seen the idea a couple places and thought it would be a great gift for Kai that he could take it to Peru since it will fold up small. One of the places I saw the idea was from my friend, Jenna, she has beautiful baby items including blankets and tata tents...check out My Sugar Nut. All that to say I am currently trying to make his is nice to have some time to do it. From the thread on my sewing machine I can see that last Christmas
was the last time I have sewn and it was Kai's baby blanket. Wow, time flies!

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T-spoon's Spanish Adventures! said...

Wow, miss being there! sounds like you're having a blast. enjoy the fam!