Sunday, December 7, 2008


We have been wanting to take Kai to OMSI again. Last time we took him was January and he loved it but was just barely walking and couldn't do very much. See here to see how little he was then. We decided to head up there today and were so excited when we got there and found they were having their $2 days...yay for happening to go on a deal day! It was packed but still so fun. Kai had a great time again, there is so much for kids even at his age. His favorite was anything to do with putting balls in tubes or anything involving balls at all:) I can't say who had a better time, Tyson or Kai..but I do know that I loved watching them together. Tyson is so great at teaching Kai and showing him new things, the kind of dad that gets right in there and participates with his son and I love it.
Wait...Kai's favorite was probably a toss up between balls and the water troughs. We let him play and splash (assuming he wasn't splashing other kids) and he had to be torn away from them. Thankfully Tyson reminded me to bring a change of clothes so he wasn't wet all afternoon...

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T-spoon's Spanish Adventures! said...

Can I just say, the second to last picture, both Tyson and Kai have the exact same face. HAH!