Friday, March 7, 2008

Escape Artist?

Today I was at the church for a MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers) event. Kai was in the nursery and I let them know that he would need a nap. When I came to pick him up the girl was holding him and said "Your son.." with a look that made me think he had been naughty. She informed me that he had not been naughty but had scared her. She went on to tell me that she had put him down for a nap in the crib room. A while later she heard a noise and opened the door...he was out of the crib and at the door. WHAT??? How does that happen? She double checked the crib and the side was up. I so badly wish I could have seen what happened...did he climb, fall or slip through the cracks? If only there was a video camera...I would have loved to have watch it (or maybe not...I probably would have freaked out)! He seemed totally fine and I did not see any marks on him. I felt so bad for the girl who was watching him too...poor thing. Anyway, this was one crazy story I had to write down! this going to happen at home? Oh, Lord, please keep him in his crib!

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Kari said...

Oh my gosh, remember Dutch did that too! Our boys are both crazy. I was so shocked when it happened. Tracy today I hung out with a little one-year-old boy who just sat quietly on my lap for an hour while I chatted with his mommy. Ok, you and I do not have little boys like that! Ours are a special busy adventurous breed I think! :-)