Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kai is Eleven Months Old!

Our sweet baby is no longer a baby...he is turning into a little boy before our eyes! He is quite good on his feet now...walking everywhere and he has learned to stand up on his own with out crawling to a wall or piece of furniture. He loves carrying things around...anything he can find: shoes, bibles, pots, bowls...and he sometimes actually plays with his toys! He is quite the little chatter bug although we don't know what he is saying...he seems to think it is important though! He does say da da a lot now and knows he what he is is super cute but I do hope I hear a ma ma soon:) He is testing us quite a bit lately (especially today). He LOVES buttons...and finds them everywhere...especially ones that are lit up or that will light up when he pushes them...the TV, the heater...the other day at the office he was playing under my desk and all the sudden my computer went blank...he had seen the little light on the power strip and couldn't resist. He does well for an eleven month old who has to spend two days a week in a cubicle. I sort of block off the openings and he plays in there...I'll have to take some pictures and share some more stories of our time in the office:) Well, needless to say it is hard to believe the next time I write one of these monthly updates Kai will be ONE YEAR OLD! Here are some pictures I tried to take of him camera is just not fast enough to capture this kiddo!

Kai loves playing with this old key...doesn't he look like a mini coach?

Playing with Daddy's hat...

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

ELEVEN? SHEESH time flies! Declan is 4 months and Maya is just over 17 now. We took her to the park by our NEW HOUSE yesterday and she made lots of new friends. I can't believe how old she's getting. Love every moment of Kai's youth because it doesn't last long.