Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Boys Are Out of Town

This weekend Tyson went home to Ellensburg with the other guys in the band to do some recording. He took Kai with him and Kai gets to hang out with Gramma & Pa and Auntie Taryn while Daddy and the guys record. It was a treat for Gramma & Pa to be with Kai and a big treat for me to have a FREE weekend! I thought it would be full of relaxation, and plenty of time to clean the house, stock the cupboards and a few naps of course! It is now Sunday and I have not done much relaxation but it has been a great weekend. I have kept busy and gotten lots of things done that are so much easier to do without someone to care for. It was so freeing to go around in Portland yesterday...the mall, Costco, Target, Babies R Us, Target again...and no getting a baby in and out of a car (it's amazing the time you save)! I have also had a chance to hang out with girlfriends which has been so wonderful. So, today I planned to cram in some cleaning and relaxation (how do you "cram" in relaxation...sad that was really my thought), but I am feeling like I am getting sick so maybe the cleaning will have to wait...relaxation here I come! I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who was willing to brave a 5 1/2 hour car ride (each way) with a busy baby (and the two guys who were braving it too), I am so thankful for wonderful mom and dad who would love nothing more than to care for their grandson all weekend...and I am thankful for good friends to encourage me and fill me up with some girl time!


Melissa said...

I'm thankful for this weekend too! :)

Shannon said...

That sounds so great, what a treat! I bet you missed them though- Enjoy the reunion!

Anonymous said...

It was fun hanging out this weekend! Nothing more exciting than listening to some guy who once knew something about car seats fill us in!! It was great to see you T!


p.s. any new car seat I should know about??