Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will Cuddle When Sick

It has been so wonderful to have my boys back home. Unfortunately Kai woke up Tuesday morning with a stomach virus and it is still going on. I hate seeing my baby sick and not being able to do much for him. He is really not liking the Pedialyte and how do you explain to an 11 month old that he can't get dehydrated. The only nice thing is that he will cuddle. I actually rocked him to sleep yesterday for his nap and again just now before he fell asleep. I can't remember the last time I have rocked him to sleep...probably not since he was an infant. He is usually way too interested in what is going on and I am probably to antsy to sit and try to make him rock to sleep when I know he just needs to get his wiggles out in his bed in his own time. It has been nice to have him sit in my lap all morning and makes up for all the throw up and disgusting diapers:) As much as I enjoy the cuddling I know that he is not himself and that he really must not be feeling well if he can sit that long and that is hard to see! Lord, please heal my baby!

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Tammy & Jeremy said...

Sorry to hear that Kai is sick. That happend to Maya at around the same age and she didn't like the Pedialyte either. The doctor said that we could try Gatoraid and she liked that a little better. We also fed her a few popsicles too. She eventually was back to her old self but it took a couple of weeks. I enjoyed the cuddle time too;)