Saturday, August 16, 2008

The 29th Olympiad...

I'm a big fan...huge! I love the Olympics...the competition, the drama, the stories. I love it all...especially when the ones I am cheering for win. We have been staying up late every night watching the least as much as I can. I went to bed early the night our US men won the 4x100 Freestyle relay in that amazing race and I vowed I would not miss another moment like that! Thursday night I really wanted to watch the Women's Gymnastics All-around so Tyson suggested we sleep in the living that is just what we did. We pulled our mattress into the living room and I made an espresso milkshake at 11pm and I stayed up to watch our women take gold and silver until 1:30am. Tyson slept through most of it but would wake up and let me tell him what was going on here and there...such a good sport!

I think my favorite part of the Olympics is the stories. I know, I'm one of those people, but it is so cool to hear about where they come from and that they are really just normal people. And the other part I love it to see moms in the stands cheering for their kids and crying tears of joy at their victories. I am way too old to dream of being one of the Olympic athletes...but I can somewhat relate to their parents and the joy they must feel. I mean, Kai has not won any gold medals (yet:) but he is pretty amazing and every time he does a new trick or says a new word I am amazed that he is my son. I'm sure that is how the parents feel a little bit times a million:)
My least favorite part of the Olympics is the announcers. Not all of them...and not all the time. Just those few times that they sound ridiculous. For instance, the gymnastics announcer who at least 3 times during the men's team competition said: "Gymnastics 101: (insert dumb thing here)"...the only one I can remember is "Gymnastics 101: Grab the bar"...or when there is a slight mistake and he says "this is a disaster". DISASTER?? Really?? I also feel bad for all the other US swimmers with the whole Michael Phelps thing. Don't get me wrong, I think Michael Phelps is doing a fabulous job and he seems like a good guy. But, the announcers keep bringing everything back to when they were interviewing the 4 guys that won the gold in the 4x100 Freestyle and asked one of them how it felt to help Michael Phelps break the medal record. Are you kidding me? I'm sure they are happy for him but I think that was the last thing on their minds. get the idea.
Next up...Track & Field...more of my favorites! Hope you enjoy the last week of this, the twenty ninth Olympiad!!!

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