Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Kai's Little Mind Is Up To

So many things...this boy seems like his mind is going a mile a minute all the time! First off he is talking two languages! His first language is his own and he has been doing this for quite a while. He will look at us and jibber jabber on and on, sometimes very serious, and then other times he will break into a laugh in the middle of it all. He is so funny and it cracks me up. He looks at me like I should know just what he is saying...I love it! He is also saying real words now to...he says dada, mama, baby, belly, ball (a favorite), more and a personal favorite...oh wow! He can say many more if you say it and ask him to repeat it and sometimes he just repeats words you say that you don't mean for him to repeat but he does. He also sometimes tries to say a word but doesn't get very close and laughs to himself. He really is a hoot! He pronounces things slow and steady and I love the sound of his little voice. I feel like I am missing other words he says but it is late and my brain is not all there. I will have to remember them. Kai has been signing for a while now and can sign please, more, cracker, cheese, and thank you (always with a blown kiss). Signing has got us through many months of communication before he can verbally tell us.
Reading...Kai LOVES to read. He will bring us books to read with him or sit down and look through them himself. He is especially fond of his animal books and loves to point to all the animals. He has also become a big fan of the Baby Einstein DVDs...mostly the animal ones and will go get them and sign please and sit down like his is ready to watch. Funny boy. We don't let him watch them all the time but it sure is fun to see how excited he gets when he does watch them!
Favorite Toys...He still loves playing with balls. He also loves his cars and especially his fire truck. He loves blocks or anything he can put in something and then take out and then put back in...he is entertained for a long time with a bag and some blocks. He has just recently gotten attached to his blanket. This was never an issue until about a month ago and he started wanting other than in his bed. It is not horrible like I can't take it away to wash it...he will help me put it in the wash...but as soon as he sees it he runs for it.
We work a lot on obedience with Kai as I'm sure most parents of toddlers to. We are constantly trying to teach him what is okay and what is not but still allowing him to be a little boy and be curious...quite a balance. He is a curious boy and for that I am truly thankful. When Kai does something he shouldn't we get down at eye level and let him know what he should or should not be doing. Tyson and I talked about asking Kai to respond "Yes, Mama" or "Yes, Daddy" after we talk to him...for now just a nod is fine. Tyson had done this a couple times with him taking his head and gently helping him nod so he knew what we were asking. A few days later they had gone on a boys outing to the coffee shop and Kai had touched something he shouldn't. Tyson bent down and explained that it was off limits and asked him to say "Yes, Daddy". Kai took his hands and put them up to his own head and made his head nod. When Tyson came home and told me that I cracked up...I had not even started trying that yet and Tyson had only done it a couple times but Kai had caught on...he nodded with his head in his hands for a week but now he just nods when we ask him:)
Kai has such a great sense of humor. I mentioned before how he will just laugh at himself as he is jibber jabbering. But, he also works hard to keep us laughing. The other day he was climbing on the laundry basket and fell off and I (being the kind mom I am) laughed at him. He proceeded to get back up and pretend to fall off again over and over...the kid catches on quick!
Oh, I forgot my favorite word he has learned: God. It sounds more like other people don't really understand what he is saying but I know that is what he says when I ask him to say God. So a couple weeks ago I started asking him "Kai, who made you?" and then I would ask him to say God. Now, when I ask him who made him he knows the answer is God. It is very sweet and such a joy to verbally have him repeat something I am teaching him about the Lord! I look forward to many more conversations with my little man in the future!
Sorry this post was so long but really, his little brain has been very busy...and there is so very much I am leaving out:)


Melissa said...

I love this sweet boy, thanks for sharing friend! You are an amazing mama.

Levi and Stephanie Teasley said...

What a sweet and clever little guy...I'm sure it stems from the confidence and security he finds in the great parents you and Tyson are! We are really looking forward to seeing you this weekend!
Love, Steph