Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sea Life!

We saw lots of amazing sea life out on the boat. There were of course the crabs...Kai had fun with those and I thought they were yummy!

We saw a really big jelly fish (at least I thought it was big)

We were told that there were no whales to see, but as we headed out our first afternoon we saw some in the distance which was very exciting. We could see them in three different directions...
Then a few got closer and we could see them even better! Aren't they just beautiful!Then we saw a few coming right at the boat. They came up then went under the water about 100 yards from our boat. Then all of the sudden the came up right next to our boat...three of them, including a baby. I snapped the pictures really fast and didn't even have time to look through the camera but here is what I got.

It was very exciting and we were blessed to see these gorgeous creatures up close!

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Tracey said...

You are making me homesick for Bham and the awesome islands...good memories of the whales swimming under our boat. No words can truly describe it!