Sunday, August 3, 2008

See Ya Later Golf Tournament

Yesterday Tyson and I participated in a golf tournament. Let me clarify. Tyson golfed the tournament--and I volunteered. I actually sat at a hole with Caitlin and Melissa all afternoon. Another clarification. The three of us rotated between two of us volunteering and the other one watching Kai at home---I have such great friends! They really are so generous with watching Kai for us...thanks girls! We sat the afternoon away at hole #18---the Tiger Woods hole. Golfers could pay $10 to skip their first shot and take their second from a Tiger sign so far out I couldn't see it...much closer to the hole. Due to the nature of our hole and the advantage we presented to golfers we were often skipped right by with the golfers choosing Tiger over us. This led to lots of free time on our hands ending in what We were thoroughly entertained!

Tyson and I before the start of the tournament

Ashley, Jonathan, Daniel and victories to speak of but they had a great time!

Time fillers:)

Yes, laying in the grass with our feet in the air...senior picture pose anyone:)
Melissa entertained us by pretending to enjoy a cigar she found...yes found, in the grass:)

On a serious note this is the See Ya Later Golf Tournament in memory of Scott Banke, a 12 year old boy from our church who passed away of cancer over 8 years ago. They have done this tournament every year since and began to raise money for an indoor play structure that is now know as Scotty's Playhouse...see here for pics. What started as a way to build a play structure for kids in the community has grow much bigger. The See Ya Later Foundation now does sports camps and fishing derbies a few times a year that are totally FREE to the kids who otherwise would not have the chance to participate. They have also started doing scholarships for high school seniors. This year they began Seeds of Hope, a branch of the foundation reaching out to families undergoing cancer treatment (children or parents) by inviting them to a special play time at Scotty’s Playhouse. They serve them dinner and provide them with gift certificates for gas, restaurants, mortgage help, or whatever they may need. They also leave gifts, groceries and other special items at their home so they are surprised when they get home. At the dinner after the tournament we were able to hear about all that the foundation is doing as well as from families who they have touched.
This is an awesome organization and I would encourage you to check them out, pray for them, and support them. If you know of someone going through cancer and you think they could be encouraged by the See Ya Later group get in touch with them! This is a no strings attached ministry that just wants to love those who are going through a difficult time.
I can't imagine going through what the Banke's have but it is amazing how they have turned it around to glorify the Lord and love those going through what they have. I was blessed to be a part of the day!

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