Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kai vs Ogie: Round 1

Speaking of Kai's activeness...he loves to wrestle. I don't know where he learns these things...again, all boy. I mean, Tyson does wrestle with him but Kai goes way beyond and comes up with his own stuff. The other day our friends were watching him and asked us if we taught him to wrestle his bear. He will throw the bear then sit on its body and grab its head. No, we don't teach him this. I do have to add...he will also run up the bear and grab it up and hug it too...he is also a sweet boy. Anyway, a couple months ago (I just finally got the video off the camera) we were in Kai's room and he was playing with Ogie as Tyson and I were watching. We had never seen him do this so I grabbed the video camera and started taping. I guess we now know what those sounds are coming from his room as he is trying to fall asleep at night and why Ogie is always across the room in the morning...Kai won this round. Where does he learn these things???


Tammy Williams said...

Jeremy and I loved this. Of course! Jeremy being a star wrestler in high school would loves seeing kids wrestle. He even teaches our kids. After every dinner Maya is always saying "Wrestle Daddy, Wrestle! I love it when kids are so enthusiastic. I just hope one day they can put that energy towards a gold medal! haha.

Melissa said...

I have a confession. During the numerous times that I have “watched” Kai we have actually be training for “munchkin ultimate cage fighting”. Really, I didn’t force him into it. It’s something he’s been thinking about ever since he got Ogie. It was then that he knew he could fully dominate all stuffed toys and I encouraged him to take it a step further. You and Tyson should be thankful really. I mean, look at Michael Phelps and his story. His coach recognized something in him when he was young. And I think Kai is amazing.

Stacey J said...

That is so cute! I watched it with my girls and they were just giggling away. Then Alex proceded to ask if we could get a baby brother... Uh, nope sorry kiddo... Thanks for the great entertainment!