Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bellingham (the greatest place on earth)

After leaving the boat we headed up to Bellingham to visit friends. Tyson went to college there and it is our desire to one day return. We used to be in a small group with one of our pastors who also used to live in Bellingham. Whenever he and his wife and Tys would talk about Bham everyone else in the group would make jokes about how after whenever you say Bellingham it has to be followed with (the greatest place on earth) because all three of them would talk about it that way. I realized for me this was the most time I had spent in Bellingham since Tys and I first dated and I was happy to remember that I did enjoy it quite a bit! It is a beautiful area and a great town.
But, the best part about Bellingham for us is the friends! We stayed with our friends Trevor, Kristen and Annabelle and were able to see other friends up there as well. Belle is about six months older than Kai and that had a blast together! It was so fun to see them play and interact. The differences between boys and girls were obvious watching them which was entertaining. We hung out in Boulevard Park (the best park ever according to Tyson), went to dinner, went to church, had a wonderful feast which included a meat salad (yummy, yummy) and had a great time hanging out and fellowshipping.

Throwing rocks...again.

Giving high fives on the boardwalk
Little Buddies
Big Buddies

Kristen and I are buddies too but moms rarely get out from behind the camera:)

Thanks friends for such a great couple days!

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Tracey said...

I love Boulvard Park! Did you check out the Woods Cafe (the best coffee location on earth!) our friends own it!!