Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Kai's Little Body Is Up To

Okay, this is the last post of my updates--about how darn huge my baby is growing! I honestly can't believe how big and grown up he looks...and acts. We are at Gramma and Pa's this weekend who happen to have a scale (we don't, thank you very much). So, I stripped him down and weighed him, then Auntie T and I had him lay out on the table and measure him, quite a morning for the poor kid. So, he is now weighing somewhere around 24 lbs and is about 33 1/2 inches tall. If our measurements are correct, it means that since his first bday (5 months ago) he has gained only 3 pounds but has grown 3 inches taller! I get comments from people all the time asking his age and then commenting on "what a big boy" he is. I always think that is funny because he has never really been big at all but now that I see other toddlers his age or older I am realizing his is tall and lean. Now, I know why all his pants from last spring are high waters on him. I finally broke down and got him two pairs of pants for the fall that are 18-24mos, a little big but apparently he will grow into them soon enough.
Kai also has a mouth full of teeth. I am sorry to say I have been pretty bad about recording when they have all come in on the page in his baby book after the 7th or 8th one. He now has all 8 in front, 4 molars in back and a little k9 took coming in on the top left. He loves to brush his teeth which is good but he loves to do it which is also bad. He doesn't want help and I am pretty sure he is just sucking off the toothpaste so I try to get a few actually brushes in there too.
What else....his hair is beginning to grow in a little thicker now but sticks straight up most of the time, he bites his fingernails (weird!) and his toenails grow really funky. He a little kid, like when you walk into that elementary classroom in the spring after recess and it smells like little kid sweat--that is the sweat he is sweating. Gross. What happened to the sweet baby smells? Even when he smelled like sour milk, at least it was still a baby smell! Oh well, another sign that my baby is no longer a baby...

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