Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Afternoon Date

Today Kai and I went on a date. I know this is probably funny considering I spend practically every minute with him but this was different. I have been feeling so divided lately and like he is not getting my full attention...not that he always needs that but anyway, I just wanted to do something "special" with him. We went to the library and picked out a couple new books. He loves reading and so it is fun to have new books around for him. My guess is he doesn't really care, he always asks for the one with all the animal pictures anyway, but it is a good habit to get into...variety. I picked a few books while he played on the pillows and then we got a couple kids CDs too because I realized a few weeks ago we don't ever listen to kids music (much to my delight) but that perhaps he might like it. Then we headed downtown and continued our date at the coffee shop. I decided that I would let Kai have a special treat and so he had his first chocolate milk (sugar free). We sat at the coffee shop and read one of the "special" new books while he drank his chocolate milk. It was a sweet time...we need to do this more often.

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Kristen said...

Fun!! I should do that with Belle too. We usually get library books every week but next time I should take her out for a drink too. :) Great pictures, by the way.