Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Kai's Feet Are Up To...

Kai is an active boy...emphasize the words active & boy! He is constantly running, climbing, falling and running again. He has no fear...which is scary for mom. I think he is learning about being careful because if we are not near him he is a little more cautious but if we are nearby he must just trust that we will save him because he goes all out. I guess I am thinking of the stairs. If I hold his hand he literally jumps down the stairs throwing caution to the wind. So, now I leave him at the top and make him come down by himself...I know that doesn't sound safe to some, but he can come down on his own by sliding on his bottom if he has to and does fine. Even then if I get too close and he will sometimes look at me with a little twinkle in his eye and I know he is about to barrel down the stairs hoping I will catch him. I remind him to go slow and back away and he does fine:)
He loves balls still and has quite an arm on him. He will walk right up to me and huck the ball...he has not quite learned the whole "back up" or "throw it softly" part but that is okay. He isn't doing to to be mean he just wants to play ball. We did have to take away the golf balls a couple months ago though...he really has an arm and luckily no faces or windows were broken.
He also loves the water. We have had the chance to swim quite a few times this summer and he loves it! He will splash and kick in his little floaty thing. He tries to put his face in the water at least he isn't scared of it...but he also needs to learn to not try to drink the water. He does pretty good at blowing bubbles though. I think I will do swimming lessons in the fall but for the summer I can't bring myself to go to the indoor pool when it is so nice outside.
Jumping...he is not quite able to get his feet off the ground yet. I think that is a developmental thing. He tries to jump a lot but they don't come off the ground...except for the other day. We were in the bathroom and he was showing off like he does and trying to jump. All the sudden his feet do come off the ground and he lands on his butt. It was so funny I started cracking up. I think it startled him but he saw that it was funny so he stood up to try it again. It was a fluke because he hasn't done it again but it was quite entertaining.
As active as my little boy is, he has become more of a cuddler these last few months. While it used to be that is was almost impossible to rock him (he was way to curious about all that was around him) we now rock and cuddle a lot before bedtimes. There have even been a few of times he has rocked to sleep which is not normal. I think he just hit an awareness that he liked it and can now make himself sit still and cuddle up. He also gives lots of kisses (open mouth with lots of slobber) and my favorite, big hugs. I, of course, love it. My baby is growing up too fast and every hug ends too soon...I'll take all I can get.

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